BROWSE the 25 statements below and click on one that you most identify with.  After each selection, you will be offered a response. Afterwards, you can move forward to learn about how this business works.

Please make your selection:

S01 I’m happy with how my life is now, I don’t feel it’s necessary to do anything new.

S02 I’m not happy with what I’m doing now, I’m looking for something new.

S03 I’m too busy to consider anything new.(work related)

S04 I drive a Mopar (or classic muscle car).

S05 I’m graduating from school and am looking at my opportunities.

S06 I am an engineer I’m willing to try something new while I keep my job.

S07 I don’t want to do anything that interferes with my family life.

S08 I already have retirement income and a savings.

S09 I hate capitalism

S10 I don’t have a lot of formal education but I have common sense.

S11 I have a high paying and demanding job and I hate it.

S12 I have a low paying and demanding job

S13 I am a leader in my field already

S14 Get to the point, what’s in it for me? (but I’m interested).

S15 I want to know what you are getting out of this?

S16 I’m not into pyramid schemes.

S17 I’m afraid of becoming salesman

S18 I’m uncomfortable with people soliciting me

S19 I’m afraid of success

S20 I’m not ready for something new now, but in a year I believe I can start.

S21 I used to be in the military and I need help getting started in my own business.

S22 I want to sustain my gaming lifestyle and generate an income.

S23 I need to pay for my aging parent’s health care  

S24 I’m not sure about the direction of the economy to build a business

S25 I would like to buy a home in Atherton, California

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