Get to the point, what’s in it for me? (but I’m interested).

This business model is so simple, the biggest factors are personal inhibitions, that is one reason why professionals in this industry seek to understand the needs of people before presenting them a solution rather than begging and chasing and harassing strangers with promises and hype.

If you can think of a serious reason why you would want to establish another source of income, then you have justification to understand the business model and how you can take advantage of it. At least see if the shoe fits.

If you already run a successful business, you have a big advantage in understanding the unique benefits of a network marketing business model and your skills often accelerate the ability to learn.

If you do not have the experience of running your own business, then you will increase your knowledge of running a business and grow in the personal development necessary to be your own boss. There is a premium on developing relationships, teaching, and time management.

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