I’m uncomfortable with people soliciting me

Welcome to the club.

Most people are uncomfortable with the way most people solicit them. There are skills and an art to working with people, and much is based on simply offering options to people who are in need of an idea or solution.

It seems odd at first, that we might arrive at a solution from a relative stranger, when in reality we’re doing that all the time through passive marketing and advertising. Every time someone watches a commercial or browses the internet, drives down the street, you are getting bombarded with organizations competing for your attention and  resources. It influences your decision making.

However, when a person actually makes contact with you, a stranger, friend or family member, it requires you make a decision and most people do not like making uninformed decisions because they are afraid to make a wrong decision. Everyone I know certainly doesn’t like being pressured to making a bad or unnecessary decision.

The question becomes, do you know, like, and trust the person you are being solicited by? Even a relative stranger can appeal to you in the right circumstances.

Then, it comes down to this: Do you have a need? Do you have a plan to fulfill that need? Would you be interested in hearing about what we have to offer that may address your need?

You make the decision.


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