I hate capitalism

It’s okay, you can hate bad capitalism. Anything is bad if run by bad people, even communism. But maybe we can agree that capitalism in the hands of a good person will often result in good results for you and for other people and is one of the ultimate expressions of personal freedom that has existed in the human experience.

Would you consider, if you believed there was a fair chance, a means to achieve ever greater freedom to do what you want, where you want with who you want and without any corporate ceiling on your ability to achieve results and status?

I’ve discovered that fair capitalism has helped actually break down discriminatory barriers when you begin a business with a true passion to help other people. It’s part of the “teaching others how to fish” rather than just giving handouts and promoting entitlement mindsets.

You may have heard the axiom that wealth makes a good person better and a bad person worse. We’re looking for some good people with integrity and would be glad help  you see if this opportunity fits you to make for yourself a good form of capitalism.

Are you ready?


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