I want to know what you are getting out of this?

The satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams. If I gain anything financially, it’s because I’ve been able to help other people achieve the same.

Success doesn’t come well to people in this industry who cannot break the habit of being self-serving.

Sometimes the financial and personal success of others I help sponsor or those they sponsor will be greater than my own and I’m okay with that. There is a team spirit, a spirit of community, that doesn’t exist in other fields.

The financial cost to enter and remain in this business costs very little. There are no “dues” or money invested that goes through me, it’s done directly with the parent company.  With or without running a business, it’s common to have product loyalty and natural ongoing use of trusted quality products.

There is no limit to what anyone can achieve in this industry no matter who sponsors them, although leadership and mentorship can account for an enormous value.

My job is to help solve problems and facilitate home business ownership. The success other others in my team results in my success. If I promote legitimate business practices to those I sponsor and to those my teammates sponsor, and help them do the same, we all win.


TEAM BETTER LIVING copyright 2015