I have a high paying and demanding job and I hate it.

I have had the same feelings, like being trapped in a job that you no longer have a passion for. Not everyone reaches the realization that you have: there is more to life than a presumably safe six-digit profession has to offer.

You may have struggled with the “if you had it to do all over again” you might have done something else thoughts. In any case, you do have many qualities that have landed you in the position you are now in and your position has probably served you in many ways that many people in lesser paying jobs have time to envy.

Take stock of yourself and the positives in your job and know that you too can work toward more freedom by picking up on a few new disciplines that can help create a successful home business for you and your family.

In the meantime, you can research options within your current profession or industry that may better suit your newly discovered values.

A home business is often best started on a part time basis, that way you do not have unnecessary pressure on yourself to succeed. Medical insurance is something that extra money can solve, but this is a benefit as a corporate employee you can leverage while you are growing a home business.

On the other hand, people have succeeded in home business with their backs against the wall in a do-or-die situation and so it is not impossible. These often make the most dramatic testimonies, but they are by no means the only way or the normal way people make it in this simple business model.

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