I’m afraid of becoming salesman

This may not be news to you, but everyone is a salesman.

It’s a matter of mindset which has a lot of how you view yourself.

The fact that you are willing to tell me you are not a salesman is an attempt to persuade and influence others that you hold particular values. Your actionable values can change if your can see yourself from alternate views.

Every influential person in history, businessman or not, was like a top salesman.

I would still invite you to consider this business opportunity in case it resonates with you despite your initial reservations.

This is perhaps the most simple model of running a business next to opening the proverbial lemonade stand, but this is has the potential to lead to your personal increase in income and wealth, unlike selling lemonade.

We are not in the business of changing who you are, that comes from inside you. You will make changes naturally when you seek growth. When you honestly think you have the right stuff to take on something new, then it could actually be the right time for you.

People who are successful in this business have had reservations about being a “salesman,” but succeeding in this business is much more than having some simple skills in salesmanship.

Are you willing to get educated first?


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