I’m not into pyramid schemes.

Neither are we. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

But let me share a few words about business.

In this business, you get a high quality product in return for a purchase price.

Some people remain customers only, others become preferred customers, while others choose to run a business. In any business model, whether you’re talking about smart phones, cars, frozen dinners, lipstick, or rocket motors, there is a need to continue to expand the customer base for growth, the difference is that you become an active part of that process.

In the process of running a very low overhead business you may pay a higher than average cost for some products. Some people consider the prices too high, but they often do not consider the quality of the products and the value of the infrastructure in place to help run an ongoing business. You can buy quality or you can buy generics, that also affects how much you pay.

Something else people often don’t see at the beginning is how the business building program, if done successfully, will pay you back for everything you’ve spent on product…

In relation to traditional businesses…

If you are self-employed, for example, running a auto repair shop, a restaurant, a high tech company, there are significant costs needed to be paid and risks to be taken before you can realize any profit.

Alternately, a corporation can that burn millions of dollars per quarter, pay salaries to hundreds or thousands of people without making a profit and yet people think that is security with no apparent risk when, in reality, they can be walked out at the decision of management at any time. That’s more like a real pyramid scheme in our opinion.

In a conventional company the management reserves the right to terminate your employment. In your home business where you are affiliated with a strong company, you pretty much are your own best employee, and, we believe, you would never fire yourself.

If you understand the costs of running a traditional business, you’ll see that the cost of products is a minor consideration. Again, with successful effort, your compensation will more than cover the costs of the products you use.


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