It’s so important to us, because we only have so much of it. It never waits for us and yet we need to do everything under the sun within it.

What I’ve discovered is with many good and productive people, we cannot solve the time problem until we solve the money problem. With most professions and occupations, we trade time for money and we’re affected by the economic cycles, liability and the tether of direct responsibility.

The solution for some people is to develop a minimalist lifestyle, with others it is to build additional wealth through recurring means. You can do either and possibly both especially since we can help you start from wherever you are.

Whatever you do, it helps so much if you enjoy what you do, get the fulfillment and recognition for your work, and be surrounded by people who support you and celebrate your accomplishments.

I see so many people who are working like the proverbial hamster on a treadwheel at every strata of income. I want to ask,  “Do you have a plan that results in greater freedom, without a ceiling placed upon you, and can provide you increasing security – allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy?”

The purpose of Team Better Living is to help others find a solution to attaining a lifestyle of freedom.

If you can see what we see, then together we can do something special.

To your Abundance and Freedom!
Challen Yee

CoFounder Team Better Living

Cofounders Challen Yee & Leona Lee
Cofounders Challen Yee & Leona Lee