The Power of Five

How this business works: The Power of 5


Here’s a simple question: Do you think you can find five people who have a similar income producing ambition as you do?

If you answered “yes” then just imagine, for every person you find, each can find their own team of 5. You’re not going to be the only person who believes what you do. We all have dreams, some people are willing to act on them.

Visualize this:

You find 5 people

Those 5 people each find 5 new people becoming

25 people who each find  5 new people, they become

125 people who each find 5 new people, they become

625 people who each find 5 new people, they become

3,125 new people and beyond – growing absolutely crazy

In this simplified example, Your total team is 3905 and growing.

(This is a powerful concept, so you may have to suspend your disbelief for a moment and be openminded).

If each spends 50 dollars per month, your team sales volume is $195,250, that’s almost $200K in one month.

You would receive a percentage of these sales.

Yes, it takes time and effort, but part time? Yes, it’s possible.

While continuing in your current or future profession? Absolutely.


The common compensation in a network career of someone who is actively building their business is about 10%*. Based on this simple theoretical calculation, your potential income is about $20K per month or $240K per year, and that’s assuming the average monthly purchases average only $50 per person. That’s less than a tank of gas per month for this potential reward for loyal customers who shares their interest in quality products.

Strong Leadership in this business often pays higher than 10% in compensation.

Not bad for an opportunity that anyone can try regardless of educational background or financial situation. That’s real equal opportunity. And in this profession you get rewarded for your successful efforts and you keep on getting rewarded. That’s what some people call residual, recurring or continuing income. In this business, this income does not go away when you stop actively building, but continues to provide for your family for as long as your network generates income.


*Can be as low as 3% for those not actively building their business. You’ll need to verify this number with the compensation plan of the company you are affiliated with. As a reality check, as with all forms of business, there is always an attrition rate even with the most professional organizations and methods of conducting business. This is not a “get rich quick scheme,” it an honest way for people to build a business for themselves and their families. How honest depends on the kind of person running their business.


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