Internationally recognized AMWAY is growing, strong and stable, among the top revenue producing companies in its field outpacing its competitors.*

There are many network marketing companies out there, and many are successful in their own right as network marketing companies. One of the key reasons why anyone stays involved long-term with a network marketing company is to generate a residual or continuing income, one that is intended to last beyond the time when you are “actively” building your business, one that ultimately will result in greater Freedom for you and your family.

In order to secure a continuing income the company that provides it must be stable and strong to avoid any disruptions in the payment of long-term compensation.

Amway is by every measure a successful and innovative company with high quality and popular products. As of 2014, Amway was generating over 11 Billion in revenues worldwide and has been in existence since 1959, outpacing all other by over 200% compared to all other MLM competitors with the exception of Avon, which comes in 2nd place. *(http://www.businessforhome.org/2014/04/top-100-global-direct-selling-companies-published/)

Although its core product lines are able to sustain customer loyalty, the diversity of products offered through AMWAY adds to the appeal of choosing this company.

We love the stability and staying power of AMWAY.

Although there may be some companies out there with exotic products or high-profile names with the new founders making fast wealth, we would much rather rely on the power of simple everyday products which virtually all people can use in any economic environment. This serves the majority of people entering this business and yet the potential to generate a 5-6 or even a 7-digit income is still achievable for those with the appropriate mindset and drive.

In this industry, it is generally understood that an ambitious person in any quality MLM company can succeed, not just AMWAY. Once again, we prefer the prospects of long-term stability by being affiliated with AMWAY.

Moreover, AMWAY is an American Company, AMWAY is the AMerican WAY.

There are other benefits, bells and whistles, for building a successful business, but the stability of your reward for your work is important. Amway’s successful track record gives us the greatest confidence.

Since its founding in 1959, AMWAY has been run by the DeVos and VanAndel families and has stayed true to their founding principles: Freedom, Family, Reward, Hope.





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