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Challen and Leona Yee, co-founders of Team Better Living, Menlo Park, California

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Leona started in this business in 2011 and Challen caught on in 2013.

“At first, like many of us, I was apprehensive, then I decided to just let my wife, a homemaker and mother of our two young children, pursue her dreams to start her own home business and yet I didn’t really understanding what she was doing, that’s dangerous, right?” Challen laughs, then continues, “When it finally dawned on me what this opportunity was all about, it was one of those things that I wished I had known about much earlier.”

Challen watched Leona grow in confidence and noticed she had a personality that people considering the business were attracted to: friendly and honest. Not only that, she was willing to speak on stage in front of a public audience in effort to encourage others with her story and that was an amazing accomplishment.

“We understand the concepts the network marketing industry were founded upon and taking to heart our own busy lives and others entrepreneurs who want to be part of an organization who want mature leadership, we felt driven to create our own Team to help ourselves and others take honest advantage of a great industry.

Challen’s service in the U.S. Navy as a non-commissioned officer and later as a manager in an IPO company in Silicon Valley helped in building his leadership experience.

“One of the biggest challenges of being team leaders is understanding each person is a unique individual coming to the world of entrepreneurship and regardless of their strengths or weaknesses, their sincere efforts are part of their life path. While the business model is simple, what each person brings to the game is important as an Independent Business Owner as well as a team member.

“It’s important we perform with a professional attitude, respecting one another’s abilities, experiences and  desired lifestyle mix. At the same time we need to adhere to honest standards in the best interest of the network marketing industry and the profession.

“This is a unique opportunity offering many to make a change for the better and an opportunity to create something special to be able to participate in this economy for themselves, their families, and others they reach out to. We are blessed that we can proceed only limited by our own drive to pursue our dreams.

We firmly believe, you can create your own success and most of the battle is the process of believing in yourself. We know this from facing our own struggles and seeing others face theirs.

“[Challen’s] parents, both survivors of the Great Depression Era in America, later worked out of their home running several small businesses, some they work in together and some on their own. They pursued the American Dream of being their own boss. They worked hard and rarely complained…

“What they achieved I benefitted from since childhood and I have sought the opportunity to be able to be my own boss. Now we are in the unique position to help others achieve the same. The opportunity we have has the added benefit of setting freedom as a goal by virtue of compounding power and a continuing income.

“In closing, what we look forward to perhaps more than anything is to build lasting friendships with people who share similar dreams and are willing to pursue them. In our experiences, the strongest relationships flourish when you’re striving side by side with others with a common goal, a common objective. We don’t believe you can build a network marketing business the right way without an attitude of friendship, respect and service. With that foundation, facing the challenges will be exciting, and it will be fun.”


Best Regards,

Challen & Leona


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