APS – Proposed Treatment Schedule

The following is used for a proposed treatment schedule to qualify for an APS Affiliate, Actual scheduling is subject to change depending on actual needs to be addressed.

Proposed Service Initial Launch

Free treatments offered on-site for up to five team members at a mutually agreed schedule:

  • Once per week for 4 weeks, followed by
  • Once per month for 5 months
  • May add on members as necessary, or additional treatments and/or treatment days at a special reduced rates.

Treatments should address a patient’s main complaint to be able to focus scheduled treatments on a specific injury or condition to objectively assess the improvements.

Proposed Post Launch:

  • Once per month at special discounted rates




On-Site Treatment Considerations

Provide a suitable space on-site for acupuncture treatments.

a suitable space includes enough space to set up a treatment table and a small area for clean tool set up.

a typical treatment usually requires exposure of back, neck, shoulder, arms, upper buttock area and/or legs up to above the knee. The privacy required is dependent upon the modesty of the patient.

It is helpful for partners to invest in their own treatment table, although it is not required.

Some treatments only require patient to be seated in a chair, though many treatments are best done on a treatment table.