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Challen Yee



Challen Yee

I am a medical professional (L.Ac., MTCM, Diplo.O.M.*)


A little personal history about myself for you:

– grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area

– served in the U.S. Navy as a submariner

– enjoyed a lifelong interest in classic cars

– owned and operated an industrial electric vehicle business

– produced a quarterly magazine for U.S. Army airborne veterans

– worked & managed in the semiconductor industry designing integrated circuits

– earned my degree in my medical field in 2007

– In 2007 successfully attained my medical professional license

– live in Menlo Park, married and have two young children.


I enjoy working with people and friends who desire to get the most out of their lives, especially those who are seeking to live as pain free and as healthy a life as possible. I am understanding of those who desire to reduce the use of long-term pain medications and their adverse effects.


*L.Ac. = Licensed Acupuncturist (California and Hawaii)

*MTCM = Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

*Diplo.O.M. = Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (National Certification)