I’m not sure about the direction of the economy to build a business

Throughout most of the history of the United States if not civilization, there has always been a component doubt and uncertainty. Most people would like  to have some certainty before embarking on a journey that they are taking themselves and others in the right direction. You are not alone.

I think it is against our instincts to waste time doing anything.

Some things come to mind:

Almost nothing is possible if one does not take deliberate action to do something. The simplest task is impossible if one is unwilling to take even the first step.

If you do not have a plan to improve your situation (assuming you desire or need that) you allow the changing circumstances to take you where ever they may. Forfeiting control of your situation, I admit, is also taking an action, although it may be unintended or even undesirable, and we all fall into this trap in various aspects of our lives.

Whatever situation we try to improve ourselves or our family’s condition, it’s often better with the help of supportive, wise and knowledgeable people rather getting stuck in inaction.

The best we can do is take advantage of the opportunities that we have. Therefore, the question is which opportunity can work for you and make with worth your time?

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