698 FAQ’s


  1. If we exceed the room count will that be supported?  ANSWER: Yes, as long as there are additional hotel rooms available. IF it looks like we’re going to go OVER our block before April 7, we will negotiate an increase in number of rooms.
  2. If our members call in and make reservations, and we go over our block reservation what happens? ANSWER: Normally, the extra reservations are accepted at the rate for that day unless we negotiate for more rooms to be added to our block.
  3. Is there a deadline by which we have to get at least 12 members to reserve? ANSWER: Yes, deadline for reservations would be APRIL 7, 2018.
  4. What is the cancellation policy? ANSWER: If this is a call-in group (meaning people are going to call to make individual reservations: Reservations must be made by Reservation Cut-off date. It is important to identify the GROUP NAME or GROUP CODE when an individual is making reservations or the applicable room rate may not be extended. Deposits will be forfeited for any reservation (s) not cancelled at least (48) hours prior to arrival on individual call in groups only.
  5. What is the latest that a member can make a reservation and still get the same special rate? ANSWER: MAKE RESERVATIONS BY APRIL 07, 2018.
  6. Are Spouses invited? ANSWER: Yes
  7. How much are accommodations per night? ANSWER: $61.02 / 4 DAYS= $244.08
  8. How much do I need to deposit to reserve my room? ANSWER: FIRST NIGHT Plus TAX
  9. If I cancel can I get my deposit back? ANSWER: YES, but only if you cancel more than 48 HOURS before your check in day.
  10. How much extra will the All Hands Dinner and PARTY Cost? ANSWER: TBA- tell us you’ll be there so we’ll have a head count and a spot for you, we won’t turn a shipmate away. We’ll keep our costs as reasonable as possible.


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