440 Plan

The 4-40 Plan

By Challen Yee, Co-Founder Team Better Living


The 4-40 business model is one that offers you, an aspiring Network Marketer, the ability to generate a retirement quality income in a far more accelerated pace, for instance 4 years, compared to the traditional corporate or government job that requires 20 to 40 years before any substantial retirement benefits are qualified for.

Now, this does not mean everyone who gets involved is on this sort of fast track. Many people get involved just to begin educating themselves, taking their time to “get a feel” for the business and how it fits their lifestyle. It costs very little compared to other career paths and it in itself is not a financially risky business model.

The beauty of this is, you do not have to choose either/or traditional career or home business career, you can do both if that suits you. A lot of you are working towards your passion or are already enjoying a job you have a passion for, so you can still do that and also begin building out another source of income for you, your family, support your other profession, or add more freedom that having more income power can produce.

Another point of beauty of the 4-40 plan is you can started immediately to begin the process of building this new source of income, there’s no prerequisite skills, educational or professional background required to get started.

The educational process can begin or continue after you start your business at which point you can begin receiving the benefits of your efforts. You join up with a supportive team or sponsor, or start on your own, either ways, you can learn while you earn.

It gets better. The 4-40 plan does not require any major financial commitment to run a very low overhead business that you can run out of your home, virtually anywhere.

Furthermore, what I like about this 4-40 plan the way I would suggest, I work with a strong growing American company that offers high quality products that are popular and usable. I have confidence that the company I am affiliated with – simply stated, you want your company to be there after you put in the work for both you and your family.

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