440 Plan – Part 2

The 4-40 Plan Continued

The basics on how a 4-40 Plan works.

Companies that offer the benefit of a 4-40 type compensation plan rely on customers to share their positive experiences with others as their primary marketing strategy, this is known as Network Marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM).

To simplify the key point: All this means is they do not market in the conventional sense through mass advertising and expensive store fronts. Aside from this aspect, a Network Marketing Company is pretty much the same as the traditional companies you are familiar with.

An MLM company is no more prone to scam their customers than any other company. The gimmicks and tricks that most people may have heard from others (or perhaps have learned through bad experiences first hand) come from people who choose to run their businesses either by design or by accident using unprofessional methods, not the fault of the mother-ship company.


The fact that MLM is available for virtually anyone to run a business means that all kinds of people run MLM businesses, including doctors, realtors, engineers, auto mechanics, military personnel, retirees, college students, and of course stay-at-home-parents. There is ample opportunity for honest and professionally minded people.

The results of consistent usage and promotion of products to a growing number of people will result compensation in the form of a commission that is calculated and distributed directly from the MLM company, not through the individual customers or your sponsor.

The money saved by the mothership company from not using expensive marketing techniques like TV ads, billboards and store-fronts, is passed back to the consumers who are also registered business owners.


Business building is centered around determining the needs of others, sharing your testimonials about your favorite products, growing a large customer base and helping others do the same.

You can keep track of your progress through the mothership company’s website, and conduct your transactions exclusively through the MLM company’s official sites.

Your marketing is done both through the official site and your own methods which may include electronic and non-elctronic marketing techniques.

You have the freedom to generate your own social media marketing to promote yourself in what is called “branding.” Personal Branding is determined by you. It’s involved with promoting and differentiating yourself as an individual in the eye of the public.


By growing an MLM home business, you stand to build a retirement quality income that can boost your freedom in whatever life or career you choose. If you consider the potential payback for loyal product usage and promotion, this is hard to beat and can far exceed any amount of money you ever use to purchase the products you use.

Because there are no requirements other than being age 18 or older,  valuable characteristics of a network marketer are: reasonable ambition, integrity,  willingness to learn, and a passion to help others.

You can be a problem solver for people who suffer from the widespread malady of a lack of freedom caused by inadequate income or a unsatisfactory job or career.

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